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Restrict website without any help of software

I explain how to restrict website without any help of software.Now a days we may have to be restricted websites due to age issues.This job is very easy and there are number of software available in internet.Which can be achieved by a simple and very easy trick of windows.


Go to “Start” and then click on “Run” and type c: WINDOWS/system32/drivers/etc/hosts and then click on “OK”.


After the first step is completed a window will open before you about selecting an application. There select “notepad“ and then click “OK“.


After the former step will show you the hosts file open in text format. Carefully notice that there is a presence of a host IP and host name at the bottom the document.


Now at the end enter the unknown host IP and the corresponding URL that you want to restrict. For example if you want to restrict a website named XXXXX.com, then type and the corresponding website XXXXX.com and www.XXXXX.com . You can do this on multiple websites following the same procedure, and eventually save the text file.

Now you connect the internet and then try to open the restricted websites.It would definitely not open.
Your job is done without any help of software

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