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ListView Control

The list view control is basically and advanced ListBox. This control allows you to add rows of data, but it also supports large and small icons, multiple columns, automatic label edit, column re-order, hot-tracking, the four main modes that you see in explorer:

Icon - Displays items with large icons and your main text
Small Icon - Displays items with small icons and your main text
List - Displays items with your main text
Detail - Displays items with small icons, your main text, and any other data to be displayed in columns.

and much more!

The list view control comes with all editions of Visual Basic, except the standard version.

To add a list view control to your project, goto Project|Components. Now scroll down to Microsoft Common Controls and check the box next to it. Click OK. You will now see a number of new controls added to your toolbox. The ListView icon looks like this:

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