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Adobe has launched a new flash platform

Adobe has launched a new flash platform tools which include beta versions of Adobe Flash Builder 4, Adobe Flash Catalyst and open source Flex 4 framework. "The new Adobe Flash Platform reduces time for generating compelling applications and content. Using Adobe Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst, developers and designers can now work together more productively to create rich experiences that employees, customers and partners expect," said David Wadhwani, General Manager and Vice President, Platform Business Unit, Adobe.


Adobe Flash Builder is a development tool designed to help software developers rapidly build Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Most difficult challenge that earlier tool set had was to connect to server backed technology. Adobe Flash Catalyst is an interaction design tool for rapidly creating application user interfaces without coding.

Adobe Flash player is widely used throughout the world. It provides a powerful runtime to run graphics and application on internet and desktop. Flash player is used to make RIAs for many sectors like health care, application and retail and has a strong market. "Over 98 percent of internet enabled PCs have flash already installed in them. Out of top 10 major financial companies, eight uses flex application," says P N Anantharaman, Director of Engineering, Adobe. Companies like Salesforce, SAP and Morgan Stanley use Flash. "The adoption of the Adobe Flash Platform, particularly with the use of Adobe Flash Builder, has helped SAP create even better user interfaces and interactive content for our next-generation applications, like our new SAP Business Objects Explorer," says Herve Couturier, Executive Vice President, R&D NetWeaver and Business Objects, SAP.

New data-centric development features make it easier to break down information silos and integrate business data from databases and Web services across different organizations. As a result, companies can build user-centric applications for dashboards, e-commerce and self-service Web portals that streamline business processes for their employees, customers and partners.

Adobe is no longer the only company to provide a platform to develop RIAs. Microsoft has also entered the race with Silverlight. There are others like Ajax, which is widely used by Google. But there are many things that gives Adobe an edge over its competitors. Flash Player 10 supports High Definition videos through H.264 standard and the player technology has evolved over multiple generations. Besides, the Adobe Flash Platform also boasts of a large pool of developers in India and worldwide.

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