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install Ajax toolkit for dotnet 2008

This tutorial will guide you through installing Microsoft's AJAX Control Toolkit in Visual Studio.NET 2008.

This tutorial was created using Visual Studio.NET 2008. The AJAX Control Toolkit can be installed in 2005, but Microsoft's ASP.NET AJAX Extensions, which can be downloaded at this location, must be installed.

Microsoft's AJAX Control Toolkit is not included with the .NET Framework, but can be downloaded from www.codeplex.com/AjaxControlToolkit. This Toolkit is constantly being updated and consists mainly of AJAX Extenders for ASP.NET Controls.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to install the toolkit for use in Visual Studio.NET 2008.

To get started, we need to first download the AJAX Control Toolkit from Microsoft, using the link above. We should get the ZIP file with the source code.
Once downloaded, extract to a folder on your computer and start Visual Studio. We will add the toolkit to the toolbox within VS. Open up the toolkit and right-click in an empty space, then choose Add Tab:

Give it a name like AJAX Toolkit:

We chose Server Intellect for its dedicated servers, for our web hosting. They have managed to handle virtually everything for us, from start to finish. And their customer service is stellar.

Then when it is added, right-click under the tab and select Choose Items.

Wait for the Window to appear, and then click the Browse button under the .NET Framework Components tab.

Navigate to the folder you extracted the ZIP file to and select the AjaxControlToolkit.dll in the SampleWebSite/Bin/ directory.

We moved our web sites to Server Intellect and have found them to be incredibly professional. Their setup is very easy and we were up and running in no time.

VS will load all the controls from the dll and display them in the list, all checked:

When you click Ok, VS will then add all the AJAX Toolkit controls to the toolbox:

Now we are able to add any of these controls to our web applications. However, we must still remember the ScriptManager, as all of these controls are AJAX-enabled.

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