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About AJAX

About AJAX

• AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.
• AJAX is become popular with Google application like Google suggestion

AJAX Components

• JavaScript
• JSon
• XMLHttp

AJAX Framework

• Built on top of ASP.NET 2.0, there is a valuable set of controls and services that extend the existing framework with Ajax support.
• This tier of the server framework is called the ASP.NET AJAX Server Extensions.
• The server extensions are broken up into three areas: server controls, Web Services Bridge and the Application Services Bridge.
• Each of these components interacts closely with the application model on the client to improve the interactivity of existing ASP.NET pages.

ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls

The new set of server controls add to the already impressive arsenal of tools in the ASP.NET toolbox and are predominantly driven by two main controls.

ScriptManager - is considered to be the brains of an Ajax-enabled page. One of the many responsibilities of the ScriptManager isorchestrating the regions on the page that are dynamically updated during asynchronous postbacks.

UpdatePanel - is used to define the regions on the page that are designated for partial updates.

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