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Dotnet Interview question


Basic .NET Framework questions
What is IL? (Twist :- What is MSIL or CIL , What is JIT?)
What is the CLR?
What is the CTS?
What is CLS(Common Language Specification)?
What is Managed Code?
What is Assembly ?
What are different types of Assembly?
What is NameSpace?
What is Difference between NameSpace and Assembly?
If you want to view a Assembly how to you go about it (Twist : What is ILDASM ?) ?
What is Manifest?
Where is version information stored of a assembly ?
Is versioning applicable to private assemblies?
What is GAC (Twist :- What are situations when you register .NET assembly in GAC ?) ?
What is concept of strong names (Twist :- How do we generate strong names or what is the process of generating string names , What is use of SN.EXE , How do we apply strong names to assembly ? , How do you sign an assembly ?)?
How to add and remove a assembly from GAC?
What is Delay signing ?
What is garbage collection?
Can we force garbage collector to run ?
What is reflection?
What are different type of JIT ?
What are Value types and Reference types ?
What is concept of Boxing and Unboxing ?
What’s difference between VB.NET and C# ?
What’s difference between System exceptions and Application exceptions?
What is CODE Access security?

OOPS questions
What is Object Oriented Programming ?
What’s a Class ?
What’s a Object ?
What’s the relation between Classes and Objects ?
What are different properties provided by Object-oriented systems ?(Twist :- Can you explain different properties of Object Oriented Systems?)(Twist :- What’s difference between Association , Aggregation and Inheritance relationships?)
How can we acheive inheritance in VB.NET ?
What are abstract classes ?
What’s a Interface ?
What is difference between abstract classes and interfaces?
What is a delegate ?
What are event’s ?
Do events have return type ?
Can event’s have access modifiers ?
Can we have shared events ?
What is shadowing ?
What’s difference between Shadowing and Overriding ?
What’s difference between delegate and events?
If we inherit a class do the private variables also get inherited ?
What are different accessibility levels defined in .NET ?
Can you prevent a class from overriding ?
What’s the use of “MustInherit” keyword in VB.NET ?
Why can not you specify accessibility modifier in Interface ?
What are similarities between Class and structure ?
What’s a difference between Class and structure’s ?
What does virtual keyword mean ?
What are shared (VB.NET)/Static(C#) variables?
What is Dispose method in .NET ?
Whats the use of “OverRides” and “Overridable” keywords ?
Where are all .NET Collection classes located ?
What is ArrayList ?
What’s a HashTable ?(Twist :- What’s difference between HashTable and ArrayList ? )
What are queues and stacks ?
What is ENUM ?
What is nested Classes ?
What’s Operator Overloading in .NET?
In below sample code if we create a object of class2 which constructor will fire first ?
What’s the significance of Finalize method in .NET?
Why is it preferred to not use finalize for clean up?
How can we suppress a finalize method?
What’s the use of DISPOSE method?
How do I force the Dispose method to be called automatically, as clients can forget to call Dispose method?
In what instances you will declare a constructor to be private?
ASP.NET questions
What’s the sequence in which ASP.NET events are processed ?
In which event are the controls fully loaded ?
How can we identify that the Page is PostBack ?
How does ASP.NET maintain state in between subsequent request ?
What is event bubbling ?
How do we assign page specific attributes ?
Administrator wants to make a security check that no one has tampered with ViewState , how can we ensure this ?
What’s the use of @ Register directives ?
What’s the use of SmartNavigation property ?
What is AppSetting Section in “Web.Config” file ?
Where is ViewState information stored ?
What’s the use of @ OutputCache directive in ASP.NET?
How can we create custom controls in ASP.NET ?
How many types of validation controls are provided by ASP.NET ?
Can you explain what is “AutoPostBack” feature in ASP.NET ?
How can you enable automatic paging in DataGrid ?
What’s the use of “GLOBAL.ASAX” file ?
What’s the difference between “Web.config” and “Machine.Config” ?
What’s a SESSION and APPLICATION object ?
What’s difference between Server.Transfer and response.Redirect ?
What’s difference between Authentication and authorization?
What is impersonation in ASP.NET ?
Can you explain in brief how the ASP.NET authentication process works?
What are the various ways of authentication techniques in ASP.NET?
How does authorization work in ASP.NET?
What’s difference between Datagrid , Datalist and repeater ?
From performance point of view how do they rate ?
What’s the method to customize columns in DataGrid?
How can we format data inside DataGrid?
How will decide the design consideration to take a Datagrid , datalist or repeater ?
Difference between ASP and ASP.NET?
What are major events in GLOBAL.ASAX file ?
What order they are triggered ?
Do session use cookies ?
How can we force all the validation control to run ?
How can we check if all the validation control are valid and proper ?
If you have client side validation is enabled in your Web page , Does that mean server side code is not run?
Which JavaScript file is referenced for validating the validators at the client side ?
How to disable client side script in validators?
I want to show the entire validation error message in a message box on the client side?
You find that one of your validation is very complicated and does not fit in any of the validators , so what will you do ?
What is Tracing in ASP.NET ?
How do we enable tracing ?
What exactly happens when ASPX page is requested from Browser?
How can we kill a user session ?
How do you upload a file in ASP.NET ?
How do I send email message from ASP.NET ?
What are different IIS isolation levels?

ADO.NET questions
What is the namespace in which .NET has the data functionality classes ?
Can you give a overview of ADO.NET architecture ?
What are the two fundamental objects in ADO.NET ?
What is difference between dataset and datareader ?
What are major difference between classic ADO and ADO.NET ?
What is the use of connection object ?
What is the use of command objects and what are the methods provided by the command object ?
What is the use of dataadapter ?
What are basic methods of Dataadapter ?
What is Dataset object?
What are the various objects in Dataset ?
How can we connect to Microsoft Access , Foxpro , Oracle etc ?
How do we connect to SQL SERVER , which namespace do we use ?
How do we use stored procedure in ADO.NET and how do we provide parameters to the stored procedures?
How can we force the connection object to close after my datareader is closed ?
I want to force the datareader to return only schema of the datastore rather than data ?
How can we fine tune the command object when we are expecting a single row or a single value ?
Which is the best place to store connectionstring in .NET projects ?
What are steps involved to fill a dataset ?(Twist :- How can we use dataadapter to fill a dataset ?)
What are the various methods provided by the dataset object to generate XML?
How can we save all data from dataset ?
How can we check that some changes have been made to dataset since it was loaded ?(Twist :- How can cancel all changes done in dataset ? ,How do we get changed value dataset ? )
How add/remove row’s in “DataTable” object of “DataSet” ?
What’s basic use of “DataView” ?
What’s difference between “DataSet” and “DataReader” ?
How can we load multiple tables in a DataSet ?
How can we add relation’s between table in a DataSet ?
What’s the use of CommandBuilder ?
What’s difference between “Optimistic” and “Pessimistic” locking ?
How many way’s are there to implement locking in ADO.NET ?
How can we perform transactions in .NET?
What’s difference between Dataset. clone and Dataset. copy ?

SQL SERVER question
What is normalization? What are different type of normalization?
What is denormalization ?
What is a candidate key ?
What are different types of joins and whats the difference between them ?
What are indexes and What is the difference between clustered and nonclustered indexes?
How can you increase SQL performance ?
What is the use of OLAP ?
What's a measure in OLAP ?
What are dimensions in OLAP ?
What are levels in dimensions ?
What are fact tables and dimension tables in OLAP ? (Twist :- can you explain the star schema for OLAP ? )
What is DTS?
What is fillfactor ? (Twist :- When does plage split occurs ?)
What is RAID and how does it work ?
What's the difference between DELETE TABLE and TRUNCATE TABLE commands?
What are the problems that can occur if you do not implement locking properly in SQL SERVER ?
What are different transaction levels in SQL SERVER ?(Twist :- what are different types of locks in SQL SERVER ?)
What are different locks in SQL SERVER ?
Can we suggest locking hints to SQL SERVER ?
What is LOCK escalation?
What are the different ways of moving data/databases between servers and databases in SQL Server?
What are advantages of SQL 2000 over SQl 7.0 ?
What is the difference between a HAVING CLAUSE and a WHERE CLAUSE?
What is difference between UNION and UNION ALL SQL syntax ?
How can you raise custom errors from stored procedure ?
What is ACID fundamental and what are transactions in SQL SERVER ?
What is DBCC?
What is purpose of Replication ?
What are different type of replication supported by SQL SERVER ?
What is BCP utility in SQL SERVER ?
What are different types of triggers in SQl SERVER 2000 ?
If we have multiple AFTER Triggers on table how can we define the sequence of the triggers ?
What is SQl injection ?

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