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System Views and Functions in SQL Server 2005

I tried to explore some basic TSQL functions and VIEWS in SQL Server 2005.
I believe this would be useful when we write DDL-DML Statements.
declare @schemaName varchar(100)
declare @tblName varchar(100)
declare @colName varchar(100)
declare @objectID int

set @schemaName = 'College'
set @tblName = 'Student'
set @colName = 'iStatusID'
set @objectID = OBJECT_ID(@schemaName + '.' + @tblName)

-- 1. How to check the Column is nullable?
SELECT COLUMNPROPERTY(@objectID,@colName,'AllowsNull') AS 'Allows Null?';

-- 2. How to check the Column is an identity?
SELECT COLUMNPROPERTY(@objectID,@colName,'IsIdentity') AS 'Identity?';

-- 3. How to check the Column is an FullTextEnabled?
SELECT COLUMNPROPERTY(@objectID,@colName,'IsFulltextIndexed') AS 'FullTextEnabled?';

-- 4. How to check the Column's datatype?
select b.name as 'Datatype', a.max_length, a.precision, a.scale
from sys.columns a
join sys.types b on a.system_type_id = b.system_type_id and a.user_type_id = b.user_type_id
where OBJECT_NAME(a.object_id) = @tblName and a.name = @colName

-- 5. How to identify that the default constraints have been created for the Column?
select a.name as 'Default Constraint Name'
from sys.default_constraints a
join sys.all_columns b on a.parent_object_id = b.object_id and a.parent_column_id = b.column_id
where object_name(parent_object_id) = @tblName and b.name = @colName

-- 6. How to identify that the foreignkey constraints for the table?
select name as 'ForeignKeyConstraint Name' from sys.objects
where type = 'F' and parent_object_id = @objectID

-- 7. Select all Constraints associated with this table and Column.
WHERE Table_Name = @tblName and Column_Name = @colName

-- 8. Find all the Objects from sys.objects table by specifying the "type".
select name from sys.objects WHERE parent_object_id = @objectID and type = 'D'

By changing the object type, the following objects can be seen.

· PK = PRIMARY KEY constraint

· C = CHECK constraint

· D = DEFAULT (constraint or stand-alone)

· F = FOREIGN KEY constraint

· UQ = UNIQUE constraint

· AF = Aggregate function (CLR)

· FS = Assembly (CLR) scalar function

· FT = Assembly (CLR) table-valued function

· PC = Assembly (CLR) stored procedure

· FN = SQL scalar function

· IF = SQL inlined table-valued function

· TF = SQL table-valued-function

· R = Rule (old-style, stand-alone)

· SN = Synonym

· TR = SQL DML trigger

· U = Table (user-defined)

· P = SQL stored procedure

· V = View

· X = Extended stored procedure

· IT = Internal table
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