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Run Windows based Desktop Softwares on Online Browser

Virtualization applications creates a virtual environment for you to run your applications without installing them. Even a normal PC user can find a need for virtualization of software if the software are large in size and they can’t install it. The biggest problem with the normal installation is that you need to complete install and it can occupy large space with resulting slow down of your PC.


Spoon is a website that will run type of virtualization software’s. It lets your run your desktop apps anywhere with no installs at work or at home. The application can be browsed at spoon.net. Spoon by making this ability can be called as revolution as it brings the new way of experiencing softwares. Spoon currently works only only on Windows would go for Mac or Linux soon.

To get started with using Spoon, you only have to install one light weight browser plugin. Point your web browser to the website spoon.net and you would see a yellow ribbon on the top with install button. Click on the download the installation file.

After the plugin installs, select the sign in at the top right corner and click on create a new account. With the App button you would be able find all the apps in Spoon App Library. Here you will find all the free and popular software readily available for one click download. It arranges app library in the among the top productivity apps, top media apps, top social apps and others.

Spoon not only can virtualize your software but it also stream and virtualize games from your browser.


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