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What is SOAP ?

SOAP(Simple object access protocol) is mainly Lightweight messaging framework based on XML.SOAP Supports simple messaging and RPC(remote procedure call).

SOAP consists of

Envelope construct: Which defines the overall structure of messages.
Encoding rules: To define the serialization of application data types.
SOAP RPC:defines representation of remote procedure calls and responses. Binding framework: binding to protocols such as HTTP, SMTP.
It can also do Fault handling.

Soap supports advanced message processing:

forwarding intermediaries: route messages based on the semantics of message.
active intermediaries: do additional processing before forwarding messages, may modify message.

SOAP messages consist of

Envelope: top element of XML message (required)
Header: general information on message such as security (optional)
Body: data exchanged (required)
Header elements are application-specific may be processed and changed by intermediaries or recipient.
Body elements are application-specific processed by recipient only.

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