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How To Copy Movie from a Scratched CD

This is the most common problem, people encounter. They get a CD/DVD on rent and try to copy the movie. But alas, the CD is scratched, so after sometime, you get a cyclic redundency check error.

Well, things are not as hopeless as it seems. Here are few methods:

--[ONE ]--

Use Nero to create an image of the media. In most of the ways, this happens, so that you can later use Nero Image Drive to mount the CD and then view it.


Create a new Briefcase, by right clicking and choosing a new BriefCase, in the folder that you want to copy the file. Then synchronize the briefcase with the MPEG/AVI file of the video. At any instant of time, if you feel that the system hangs up, just close the synchronization. This method will copy the file, to the scratched extent. This method isparticularly useful, if the scratch is at the end of the movie.

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