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What is Bluetooth How to connect your device through Bluetooth ?

While the Wi-Fi protocol functions like a charm and you barely have to do anything at all in order for it to function, Bluetooth devices can be a real pain to configure and use properly. The best advice for use of a Bluetooth device is the following: do not configure or install any devices manually. If you think that you have installed everything properly and your device does not connect with the host, it is best to disconnect and uninstall everything and check the manual for the proper proceeding and routine. Make sure you have the right drivers for your device and make sure that the host computer or device that you want to connect to have proper drivers installed and that it functions properly.

Is Bluetooth not Bluetooth?

If your desktop computer requires a Bluetooth stick, then unless you have the exactly right driver for the USB device you are connecting, it will not work, or not work properly. Therefore scout the internet extensively before you try to patch things yourself, after a week of configuring around you will probably abandon Bluetooth altogether. Download and install the proper driver and make sure that thing works, before you try to connect anything to it.

What do people connect Bluetooth with?

Bluetooth is not the device; it is the radio protocol the devices featuring Bluetooth use. To be more accurate, Bluetooth is a wireless technology that is limited to a certain bandwidth and uses short wavelength radio for communicating. Bluetooth can be found in most mobile phones, iPods, iPads and similar, but also most laptops, netbooks, notebooks and a long list of input devices, including mice, keyboards, but also headphones and microphones.

How do devices communicate through Bluetooth?

First and foremost, both devices that attempt to communicate per Bluetooth need to have the transmitter and receiver enabled. Then the two devices have to acknowledge each other and permit connection during a very trying protocol that should have been made easier. Once the devices have “found” each other on the Bluetooth network and credentials have been exchanged, then data transfer can commence without further ado. This protocol has been widely used for communications between a mobile phone and a computer when no data cable was around, but also for sharing photos and ringtones, but also other data between two mobile phone users. Unfortunately, such use seems to be outdated, because most new phones use USB cables to connect to computers and the future seems inclined to go towards NFC – near field communication.

Is Bluetooth becoming obsolete?

Most definitely not. The most common application of Bluetooth nowadays is for wireless input devices for desktop computers and for hands-free usage of mobile phones, where Bluetooth micro-headsets are being used, featuring an earpiece and a microphone. The more modern and revised protocol Bluetooth 2.1 does not have such connectivity issues like the old one and furthermore additional devices, such as keyboards for instance, can very easily be connected to a Pad device without any cables.

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