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Install software from ISO image file without burning a CD or DVD

Install software without burning CDIf you are reading this, then you must be looking to install your software using its ISO image. ISO image is nothing but a combination of opaque files and need to be burned into a CD/DVD before one can see the actual files and install the software.

Well, the CD/DVD burning step can be skipped if you use a free utility called virtual Clonedrive.

How it works?

Mounting of drive in windowsIt lets you mount an ISO image file and map to an unused Windows drive. It is just a virtual drive with an un-used drive name on your computer. It acts as a CD/DVD which is actually required to burn the ISO image. I am trying to install a Microsoft Visual Studio from its ISO image and that is the reason you are seeing the Visual studio icon in the mounted drive. You may have a different icon depending upon the software's ISO image.

Here are the steps to install software from ISO image without burning any CD or DVD:
  1. Download link for virtual Clone Drive.
  2. Open with Virtual clone drive Right click the ISO image file and click open with.... Select the option 'Mount with Virtual Clone Drive'from the list.

  3. Open set up of folder You will now get the option to either run the SetUp.exe or open the folder to see the files. These are the files which are contained in the ISO image. Run your SetUp.exe to install the software as you would do as if it was a CD/DVD. Or you can choose to open the folder and see all the files and then run the SetUp.exe from there.

That's it. You are done. We have just installed the software from its ISO image without burning an actual CD. I hope it helps you.

Comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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