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Apple fails since the death of Steve Jobs

The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, died almost a year ago: On October 5 last year, as a result of pancreatic cancer that had been discovered in 2004. While today it is easy to minimize the influence of the Cupertino company in the field of technology, especially in the last decade, one can not disregard the fact that it exists today thanks to the market for tablets and almost every cell are touchscreen.

After his death, who was in charge of Apple as CEO (CEO) was Tim Cook, the director of sales and operations, and regular replacement when Jobs was away for further medical treatment.

While Apple is a company so gigantic that virtually ‘single handled’, when Steve Jobs was in command neurotic quality control of its products got all past failures highlight an outstanding company, which inevitably leads to the question: “Would it have been the same if Jobs had been alive?”

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