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Facebook keyboard shortcuts

Facebook is also equipped with some keyboard shortcuts for functions such as messaging or simple search enables users can manipulate faster. Below is a list of functions and shortcuts.

If using a web browser Chrome on a Windows PC, you can make shortcuts as follows:

Alt + 1: Return to Home page.
Alt + 2: Timeline Access / Profile of you.
Alt + 3: Access to your Friends folder, connect …
Alt + 4 Access Category Messages (message, chat …)
Alt + 5: Access reminder Notifications section
Alt + 6: Access to the account setup section General Account Settings
Alt + 7: Accessing entries set to private Privacy Settings
Alt + 8: Access Facebook Account Facebook’s official.
Alt + 9: Access Policy and Terms of Facebook.
Alt + 0: The counter of user support (Help Center) of Facebook.
Alt + m: Open Directory Facebook composing messages.
Alt +?: Search

Press Alt + m to compose and send messages.
Please note that with each type of operating system and browser are different shortcuts are also different.

OS X: to use shortcut keys, you press the key combination Ctrl + Options for Chrome, Safari, and some other browsers, but with Firefox you press Ctrl + function .

The Windows operating system is much more simpler: You just press Alt with Internet Explorer and Chrome or press Alt + Shift if you use Firefox browser.

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