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Fix common mistakes in Micoroft word

Here are some other mistakes and how to fix it

1. Fix jump text in a word
When drafting written English with percussion Points or Unikey we often or accented letters jump error, such as “t Ieng V iet” …
This error arises often after you use the copying, pasting, or it could be … naturally.
To fix this, go to Tools> Options … from the editor interface of MS Word, select Edit and go to the Settings tab. In the Settings dialog box, you uncheck the box Adjust sentence and word spacing automatically and click OK
Now, you type the text and will no longer get an error the jump again.

2. Error insertion loss of words after written
Word faulty “typed ago, the word behind the lost.”
When you want to delete a character or an object, instead you press the Delete key to delete the key you press battle Insert will cause “typed ago, behind the lost”. (If you pay attention, watch the status bar has letters OVR emerged).
So to remedy this situation you press the Insert key 1 again.
At that time, the letters OVR will dim, now word back to normal .

3. Words, there is a dot error
phenomenon a letter, a dot is because you have accidentally activated the “Show / hide”. Button with the same symbol as highlighted letters q (or like ladle soup spoon.)
Just click on the button “Show / hide” is all right.
Or go to Tools / Options / View, the Formatting marks, diacritics in All box.

4. The error are two sides
when you are both right and left, in line with small letters (no line) the following common problems:
- it is classified as the base line to the left. (Right)
- the line stretched right to the end, although there are only a few lines of text to (bad)
For example: 5th line stretched out like this.
hover the mouse (cursor) in top of the line 6 (the next line below), click the backspace key (to connect two lines) and click Enter (to put the 6 back to the old location).

5. Sentence is accented English vowels are indented to

Before typing the vowel letters in the first sentence, you go to Tools> AutoCorrect Options> AutoCorrect and uncheck in the Correct Two Intial line Capital and OK.

6. Want to type lowercase letters at the top of the line but the Word edit uppercase

You go to Tools> AutoCorrect Options> AutoCorrect and uncheck the line capitalize first Letter of Sentence.

7. waveform Skip underline under the text .

Actually this is not a bug but a function over the English spelling and grammar. It also does not appear in print. However, look at that pretty busy, you can remove it by going to Tools> Options> Spelling and Grammar, uncheck the Check grammar as you type

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