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Visual Studio 2012 - New Features

Already I have discussed about Visual Studio 2012 here.Now I am going to expalin what are new features available in Visual Studio 2012.

The main features such as IDE improvements, Unit Testing, Intellitrace, MTM, Performance improvements, Search everywhere using Ctrl+E, Improvements while debugging, New Testing tools etc.

Below are most of the new features in Visual Studio 2012

1. Improvement in Javascript debugging.
2. Extensions for Powershell developmet.
3. Tools for Code and Architecture Reviews.
4. My Work
5. ability to find strings using regular expression syntax from the .NET Framework.
7. Better Sharepoint Development Tools
8. Managing the backlog, sprints, and tasks using agile tools.
9. TFS 2012 along with offline workspaces and web access for managing the projects.
10. Tools to deploy to Azure
11. PowerPoint Storyboarding
12. Feedback Tools to request Feedback
13. Exploratory Testing
14. IntelliTrace for Testers: Here Testers reports bugs to the developers with an .iTrace file then the work item is created and then Developers double click and open the .iTrace file. this file lists the error along with the complete call stack.
15. Better Debugging Tools such as Page Inspector which is Client-side, Glimpse which is server-side. Page Inspector shows you the HTML output and allows you to select DOM elements. We can also launch the webpage in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and other browsers.
16.HTML and CSS: HTML 5 Validation, Better Intellisense, Colour Picker.
17.Good performance while Opening the toolbox, Adding References, Loading the solution, Opening the Winforms Designer/WebForms Designer and WPF/XAML.
18.We can perform search in any window such as Solution Explorer/Team Explorer/Add New Items/Add References
19.In .Net 4.5 - Cast Backwards
21.Parallel Computing
22.Portable Class Libraries
24. Metro Applications
26.Generate C# code from UML class diagrams. Create UML class diagrams from the existing c# code.

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