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SQL Interview Questions

SQL Interview Questions
(1)What is normalization? What are different types of normalization?
(2)What is denormalization?
(3)What is a candidate key?
(4)What are the different types of joins? What is the difference between them?
(5)What are indexes? What is the difference between clustered and nonclustered indexes?
(6)How can you increase SQL performance?
(7)What is the use of OLAP?
(8)What is a measure in OLAP?
(9)What are dimensions in OLAP?
(10)What are levels in dimensions?
(11)What are fact tables and dimension tables in OLAP?
(12)What is DTS?
(13)What is fill factor ?
(14)What is RAID and how does it work?
(15)What is the difference between DELETE TABLE and TRUNCATE TABLE
(16)If locking is not implemented, what issues can occur?
(17)What are different transaction levels in SQL SERVER?
(18)What are the different locks in SQL SERVER?
(19)Can we suggest locking hints to SQL SERVER?
(20)What is LOCK escalation?
(21)What are the different ways of moving data between databases in SQL Server?
(22)What are advantages of SQL 2000 over SQl 7.0?
(23)What is the difference between a HAVING CLAUSE and a WHERE CLAUSE?
(24)What is the difference between UNION and UNION ALL SQL syntax?
(25)How can you raise custom errors from stored procedure?
(26)what is ACID fundamental? What are transactions in SQL SERVER?
(27)What is DBCC?
(28)What is the purpose of Replication?
(29)What are the different types of replication supported by SQL SERVER?
(30)What is BCP utility in SQL SERVER?
(31)What are the different types of triggers in SQl SERVER?
(32)If we have multiple AFTER Triggers on table how can we define the sequence of the
(33)What is SQL injection?
(34)What is the difference between Stored Procedure (SP) and User Defined Function

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