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XML Interview Questions

(1) What is XML?
(2) What is the version information in XML?
(3) What is ROOT element in XML?
(4) If XML does not have closing tag will it work?
(5) Is XML case sensitive?
(6) What is the difference between XML and HTML?
(7) Is XML meant to replace HTML?
(8) Can you explain why your project needed XML?
(9) What is DTD (Document Type Definition)?
(10) What is well formed XML?
(11) What is a valid XML?
(12) What is CDATA section in XML?
(13) What is CSS?
(14) What is XSL?
(15) What is element and attributes in XML?
(16) Which are the namespaces in .NET used for XML?
(17) What are the standard ways of parsing XML document?
(18) In What scenarios will you use a DOM parser and SAX parser?
(19) How was XML handled during COM times?
(20) What is the main difference between MSML and .NET Framework XML classes?
(21) What are the core functionalities in XML .NET framework? Can you explain in detail
those functionalities?
(22) What is XSLT?
(23) Define XPATH?
(24) What is the concept of XPOINTER?
(25) What is an XMLReader Class?
(26) What is XMLTextReader?
(27) How do we access attributes using “XmlReader”?
(28) Explain simple Walk through of XmlReader.
(29) What does XmlValidatingReader class do?

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