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Introduction of Octopus for deploying .NET Application

Octopus is a automated deployment solution for .NET applications,powered by NuGet and designed for convention over configuration.

1.Deploy Web applications and Windows Services
2.Configure your applications automatically
3.Works inside your network or over the internet, securely
4.Track and report on how releases are promoted between environments

Here's where Octopus fits in a typical organization:

1.Developers check code into source control
2.The CI server (TeamCity, TFS, CCNet, whatever) compiles the code, and packages it into NuGet packages (I'll explain why below)
3.The NuGet packages are exposed via a NuGet feed to Octopus
4.A release manager commands Octopus to deploy a "release" of your application to an environment (staging, production, etc.)

Octopus assembles all the NuGet packages, and pushes them to a "Tentacle", a small Windows Service that runs on your UAT/staging/production machines.

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