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Introduction of DotNetNuke

A typical public web site is live for three years. Whether you are creating a new public web site, an intranet, or an extranet, the decision you make today about your web content management system (CMS) will impact your organization both operationally and financially for years to come.

DotNetNuke is the leading web content management platform for the Microsoft web server stack. The system is a full featured web CMS and application development framework which allows your organization to easily create and maintain fully customized, highly engaging web sites. Built on Microsoft ASP.NET, DotNetNuke allows your organization to leverage its existing Microsoft technology investments to reduce costs and ensure maximum long-term reliability.

DotNetNuke provides a number of important benefits that will impact your organization and its ability to build and maintain your web site.

Ease of Use: DotNetNuke is very easy to use. Non-technical content contributors can learn to add and maintain web pages in minutes and make changes to the site with no IT support. Adding pages, changing page layouts, and adding new features to a page are all easily accomplished with minimal training.Your content contributors will not require IT support for most web site changes so your ongoing operational costs are significantly less with DotNetNuke.

Extreme Scalability:
Your web site can be large or small and can grow as much as needed over time without requiring a migration to a new content management system. The DotNetNuke platform can support an unlimited number of pages per web site and an unlimited number of web sites per DotNetNuke instance. DotNetNuke has built-in web farm support so as your site traffic grows, you can seamlessly migrate to a distributed server infrastructure.

Control Your Content:
If your web site has multiple content contributors, controlling the flow of web site updates will become critical. Even the most diligent employees can sometimes make mistakes. The powerful content approval engine allows you to create custom workflows that can be assigned to pages or specific sections of individual pages.

Manage Your Documents: If your organization needs to share documents either internally or externally, the document management capability provides a simple, powerful alternative for storing, managing and viewing documents online. The intuitive user interface presents documents in a standard Windows style folder tree structure.

Optimize Your Web Site Performance: Visitors to your web site will have a better experience due to faster page loading provided by the module caching and page caching features.

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