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Types of WorkFlow in Sharepoint

Types of WorkFlow in Sharepoint
Work - Flow - In Sharepoint, workflow function is to do the business process is step by step fashion.workflow make your business work easier.workflow is very important is sharepoint.

Types of share point work flow:
1.Sequential Workflow
2.State Machine Workflow

1.Sequential Workflow : It is predictable,very simple workflow.You can say it is straight forward workflow.For Example - Application approval process in office.In this process one person will send the approval mail,and it will forwarded to higher authority person.

Here,two conditions can be generated.Either application will be approve or it will reject.so any one predict the next step in process.In this situation you must use Sequential Workflow

2.State Machine Workflow : It is quite complex.This type of workflow no once can predict the next job.In this work flow there is a possibility of backward direction.

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