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SSRS Interview Questions and Answers

Can you create subscription using windows authentication?


What caching options do you have for reports on report server?

Do no cache, expiry cache after x minute, on schedule.

How to find slow running reports?

Check ReportExecution table

How can you make calendar available in report parameter?

Set parameter data type to date.

How to pass multi-valued parameter to stored procedure in dataset?

Join function in SSRS and split function in T-SQL

Which functions are used to pass parameter to MDX query?

StrToMember and StrToSet

How to create "dependant" parameter "Make, Model, Year"

They need to be in correct order, and previous parameter should filter next parameter dataset. For instance Model dataset should be filtered using Make parameter

How to create "alternate row colour"?

use RowNumber and Mod function OR visit our tutorial.

How to create percentile function?

Custom code is required. Visit our tutorial for more details.

How to create median function?

Custom code is required. Visit our tutorial for more details.

How to make conditional sum in SSRS?

IIF condition true then SUM else nothing. Visit our tutorial for more details.

How to find a value in another dataset based on current dataset field (SSRS 2008 R2)?
Use lookup function.

How to change parameter value inside the report?

Set action. "Jump to itself" and pass different value for the parameter.

How to identify current user in SSRS Report?


What does rdl stand for?

Report Definition Language

How to deploy an SSRS Report?

Configure project properties (for multiple environments) and deploy from bids, upload manually or use rs.exe for command line deployment.

What is Report Manager?

Web based tool that allows to access and run reports.

What is Report Builder?

Report Builder is a self-service tool for end users.

What permission do you need to give to users to enable them to use Report Builder?

"Report Builder" role and "system user". Report builder should also be enable in report server properties.

What do you need to restore report server database on another machine?

SSRS Encryption key

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