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GMAIL Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail has introduced Labs feature Custom Keyboard shortcuts to access gmail from the keyboard.

Step-I   - Sign in to your Gmail Account

Step-II  -  Go to Settings and  select tab name as Labs

Step-III -  Enable the Custom keyboard shortcuts

GMAIL Keyboard Shortcut Key

1. Composing Mail:

To compose a mail press C. It will redirect you to the Gmail mail composer panel.
If you want to compose a mail staying at where you are at present, press Shift + C. It will open a new pop-up window with the composing panel.

2. Message:

Go to Inbox: Press g then c.
Open starred conversations: Press g then s.
Go to Drafts: Press g then d.
Go to sent messages: Press g then t.
Go to all mails: Press g then a.

3. Contact:

Go to Contact: Tap g then c.
Select all the contacts: Tap * then a.
Deselect all the contacts: Tap * then n.
Delete contact: Tap #.

4. Contact navigation:

Go to next contact: Press k.
Go to previous contact: Press j.
Select or deselect an individual contact: Press x.
Open a contact: Press O or .
Return to contact list: Press u.

5. Applications:

Search: Pressing “/” will take you to the Gmail search box and the cursor will blink there.
To focus chat contact search press q.
The ? will open the help window in Gmail.

6. Some Actions:

Escape from the input field: Press Esc.
More actions menu: Press .(Full-stop).
Move from the current group: Press e.
Undo the recently completed action: Press z.
Change group membership: Press l.

Learn more about the Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts - https://support.google.com/mail/answer/6594?hl=en&ctx=mail

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