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Logging and Tracing tools for Dotnet

What is Logging and tracing?
Logging (sometimes also called tracing) is used to record information about a program's execution for debugging and testing purposes. Logging usually involves writing text messages to log files or sending data to monitoring applications.

Logging and Tracing tools for Dotnet
C# Logger - C# Logger is a logging tool that supports sending events and messages to the Windows event log. The API is similar to Apache's log4j.

CommonData - The common data project provides functions principally for ASP.NET projects and includes a logging module and an utility for creating custom event logs.

CSharp Dot Net Logger - C# .NET Logger is an extensible logging framework written in C# and comes with message queuing and asynchronous logging capabilities.

DebugWriter - DebugWriter is a simple class to help dump property values to the system console in order to inspect them.

Enterprise Library - Microsoft's Enterprise Library comes with a .NET logging application block to write messages to the Windows event log, text files, message queue and more.

log4net - Log4net is a tool to help programmers output log statements to different types of output targets. Log4net is a port of the log4j Apache project.

Logger.NET - Logger.NET is a logging framework that enables developers to log information such as method invocation and variable values.

LogThis - The LogThis C# logging framework supports custom profiles, dates in log file names and logging to the Windows event log.

logview4net - Logview4net is a log monitor and viewer for files, UDP packets, event logs, database tables and console output and supports actions such as highlighting or ignoring messages.

NetTrace - NetTrace is a simple debug tracer that comes with its own tracing class and a built-in dialog that allows developers to configure the tracing output.

NLog - NLog is a simple .NET logging library designed to be flexible. It supports processing diagnostic messages with any .NET languages and supports multiple targets.

NSpring - The NSpring framework includes a logging library that supports log files and log file archiving. It also supports formatting data as XML.

ObjectGuy Framework - ObjectGuy Logging Framework for .NET supports logging to the system Console, a file on disk, TCP/IP and memory.

SmartInspect - SmartInspect is a logging tool for debugging and monitoring .NET, Java and Delphi applications and includes a unique log file viewer and real-time monitoring application.

TcpTrace - TcpTrace is a simple trace listener that receives trace messages via TCP. It can be used for tracing and logging of Compact Framework applications.

Traceract -This is a prototype debug tracer that includes a basic viewer application to view debug and tracing messages in multiple windows.

TraceRT.NET - This is a utility which facilitates your .NET application to publish debugging information and to view them in real-time as they occur.

Traffic Monitor - TrafficMonitor is a framework that generates web traffic log files similar to IIS but allows you to configure the exact content of the resulting log files

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