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Difference between HTML5 and FLASH
HTML5 is fairly new technology so its compatibilities are quite limitedFlash has a larger resource pool and even larger community whereas
HTML5 is largely controlled by a committee managed by – MOZILLA, OPERA SOFTWARE and APPLE.Flash is not an open standard, it is controlled by ADOBE systems
HTML5, no optimization tools are available yet. Thus, special attention shall be given on how HTML5 ads are packaged and delivered as it helps in quick ad load timeFlash automatically provides optimization for codes/assets and compiles everything into a single file which is already compact with minimal number of files
HTML5 ads are heavy in size and can be around 100Kb +HTML5 Ads are measured as file size in whole including the back up images, click tags/codes and other including files whereas Flash ads weight limit is based on the creative size only
HTML5 can lead to inconsistency and unreliability in displayFlash has the ability to specify measures in subpixel which results in crisp and more pleasant appearance
Semantic Elements in HTML5 is the use of HTML markup to reinforce the semantic/meaning of the information in webpages and web applications rather than merely to define its presentation or look which can’t be done via non-semantic elements i.e.
div,span, etc. This helps in processing faster as browser gets to know the purpose by the element whereas no such functionality in flash
Amount of processing power required to run HTML5 is considerably lower than Flash given the fact that more number of people are using mobile devices. Designers are also aiming to create different versions of websites for PC and mobile (Stripped down version).

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