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Undo Sent mail in your gmail account

Suppose you accidentally sent an email to someone, and thought there should a way to cancel your sent email.But now you will be happy to know that google has recently added an feature for every gmail account to cancel an sent email in an specific period of time.

Follow the simple steps given below, to undo sent mail in your gmail account.
1.First of all login to your gmail account(type https://mail.google.com/ in your browser).

2. Enter your username and password and hit enter.

3. Now your gmail account will be open and you will see your mails and other settings here.

4. Now Click on Settings tab in upper right corner and tap settings(Check the screenshot below).

5.Check Enable undo send box and select cancellation period(Check the screenshot below).

6.Here you can select upto 30 second cancellation period, after enable undo send option, just save the settings and you are done.

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