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Apache Tomcat Server VS Apache Web Server


Apache Tomcat ServerApache Web Server
Apache Tomcat Server is a JSP / Servlet Container.Apache Web Server is a HTTP Server.
Apache Tomcat Server uses AJP Protocol instead of HTTP.AJP is a optimized version of HTTP Protocol.Apache Web Server uses HTTP Protocol
Apache Tomcat Server is more stable than Apache Web Server.Apache Web Server is Stable.
Apache Tomcat Server is basically a application server that servers the servlet pages.Apache Web Server is basically a web server.
Apache Tomcat Server can handle both dynamic and static pages at any time.Apache Web Server can handle static page when coded using HTML and can handle dynamic pages when coded using PHP, Perl, Ruby, Supports CGI scripts, Server API modules, etc.
Faster than Apache while serving JSP dynamic pages.Faster than Tomcat while serving static pages
It can be used but with limited functionality.It can be used with Tomcat
Only limited integration was available using Tomcat based solution.Supports Integrated Windows Authentication.
Tomcat can’t bind to ports below 1024 without root privileges.Apache Web Server can bind to 80 and 443 with less privileges.
Apache Tomcat Server was used for hosting java based code and Perl scripts.Apache Web Server can host any programming language.
It can manage entire life cycle such as pages which are generated through Servlet and pages which are generated through JSP can be managed.Apache Web Server can be used for load Balancing, Request processing and response processing.
Highly Secure than Apache Web Server.Secure.
Apache Tomcat is purely made up of JAVA.Apache Web Server was purely made in C programming language.
More widely used for PHP Web ServerMore widely used for JSP pages.

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