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Client Side Script VS Server Side Script

Client Side Script VS Server Side Script

Client Side ScriptServer Side Script
1. Client-side scripting is executed by a browser.1. Server-side scripting is executed by a web server
2. The client is simply the browser a person is using to view a site, and it’s where client-side technology is unpacked and processed.2. The server is at a remote location anywhere in the world - housing data, running a site’s backend architecture, processing requests, and sending pages to the browser.
3. The client is anywhere your users are viewing your site:mobile devices, laptops, or desktop computers.3. Server-side scripting is often used to provide a customized interface for the user. These scripts may assemble client characteristics for use in customizing the response based on those characteristics, the user's requirements, access rights, etc.
4. Client-end scripts are embedded in a website’s HTML markup code, which is housed on the server in a language that’s compatible with, or compiled to communicate with, the browser. The browser temporarily downloads that code, and then, apart from the server, processes it.4. Server-side scripting also enables the website owner to hide the source code that generates the interface.
5. Client-side scripting does not need interaction with the server.5. Server-side scripting requires server interaction.
6. Client-side scripting, the user has access to all the code received by the client.6. Server-side scripting is more secure than client side script as the server side scripts are usually hidden from the client end, while a client-side script is visible to the users.
7. The client-side script executes the code to the client side which is visible to the users.7. Server-side script is executed in the server end which users cannot see.

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