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React - Introduction

React - Introduction

What is React ?
React is a front-end JavaScript library developed by Facebook in 2011.It is used for developing complex and interactive web and mobile UI.It follows the component based approach which helps in building reusable UI components.Even though it was open-sourced only in 2015, it has one of the largest communities supporting it.

Features of React?
==> It uses server-side rendering.
==> It uses the virtual DOM instead of the real DOM.
==> It follows uni-directional data flow or data binding.

Advantages of React:

==> React is easy to integrate with other frameworks like Meteor, Angular, etc.
==> Using React, writing UI test cases become extremely easy.
==> It can be conveniently used on the client as well as server side.
==> Because of JSX, code’s readability increases.
==> It increases the application’s performance.

Disadvantages of React:

==> Coding gets complex as it uses inline templating and JSX.
==> React is just a library, not a full-blown framework.
==> It can be little difficult for the novice programmers to understand.
==> Its library is very large and takes time to understand.

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