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IPv4 vs IPv6


IPv4 has 32-bit address length. IPv6 has 128-bit address length.
IPv4 addresses represent the binary numbers in decimals.IPv6 addresses express binary numbers in hexadecimal.
IPv4 uses checksum field in the header format for handling error checking.IPv6 removes the header checksum field.
Header length of IPv4 is 20 bytes.Header length of IPv6 is 40 bytes.
The header length field which is present in IPv4. The header length field is eliminated in IPv6 because the length of the header is fixed in this version.
IPv4 doesn’t provide authentication and encryption.IPv6 provides authentication and encryption
IPv4 requires an intermediate router to fragment any datagram that is too large.IPv6 uses end-to-end fragmentation.
IPv4 uses broadcasting to transmit the packets to the destination computers.IPv6 uses multicasting and anycasting.

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