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Agile VS DevOps

Agile VS DevOps

It is more about processes like scrum methodology and sprintsA technical practice to achieve and to end solution
It is the link between Design Thinking and DevOpsOperations as development is just a small part of ops.Other being configuration management etc.
Aligns development with business priorities,thus focusing on speeding up the development processAligns ops with stability,such as scripting deployment and standardizing app builds
In agile,the gap between these teams are bridged in daily scrum calls where all roadblocks are discussed and resolved with agile scrum methodologiesDevops helps to bridge the line between several cross functional teams(Development,QA,Monitoring,Deployment,Infrastructure etc)by simplifying the process
Aims at streamlined delivery via tools like Kanban Board,Scrum,Extreme Programming(XP),Test Driven Development(TDD),Feature Driven Development(FDD),and Lean.These practice help in project management planning and collaboration Aims at faster deliveries through automation via various applications and tools like Docker,Chef,Jira,Configuration management and splunk.These tools are used for automating deployment and tracking bugs in real-time for quick fix

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