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Kubernetes VS Docker

Kubernetes VS Docker

kubernetes is an open-source container-coordination framework for mechanizing arrangement,scaling and administration of containerized applications.Docker is PC program that performs working framework level virtuaaliztaion,which is also called "containerization".
It was initially outlined by google and is presently kept up by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.While kubernetes works mostly with Docker.It was first discharged in 2013 and is produces by docker.Inc.Docker is utilized to run programming packages called "containers" Docker empowers and furtermore.
It can likewise work with any compartment framework that fits in with the Open Container Initiative(OCI) guidelines for container picture positions as well as the runtimes.In streamlines the advancement lifecycle into a disciplined situation where designers are permitted to work in these insitutionalized conditions with the utilization of nearby compartments that give the applications and adminisatartions.

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