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How Does Google Use Machine Learning?

In modern times,Google is everywhere while Machine Learning has long been a part of Google,now it seems that Machine Learning is everywhere!From Google Search to Google Photos to even Google Translate,everything uses Machine Learning.

Machine Learning

1.Google Translate:

It uses Statistical Machine Translation(SMT)which is a fancy way of saying that it analyses millions of documents that are already translated from one language to another and then looks for the common patterns and basic vocabulary of the language.

2.Google Photos:

Suppose you want to find a picture with your dog,type in "Dog" and you will get all the dog pictures.This is done using Image Recognition,where in Deep Learning is used to sort millions of images on the internet in order to classify them more accurately in order to get result.


RankBrain is basically a deep neural network that is helpful in providing the required search results.It is one of the factors in the Google Search Algorithm that determines which search pages are displayed.

4.Google Assistant:

It is a personal assistant that is using a combination of Google Knowledge Graph,Image Recognition,and Natural Langauge Processing.Here the Google Knowledge Graph provides information gathered from various sources while Natural Language Processing allows the Google Assistant to interact with you.

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