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Surf game in Microsoft Edge browser

For years now,one of Google Chrome's released the T-Rex Dinosaur game in Chrome browser when offline. Now,microsoft Edge has released the offline Surf game to all Edge users.
Surf game in Microsoft Edge browser
To Start the Game,Open Microsoft Edge Browser and type edge://surf in the address bar.
It's a typical surf game where you have to zig-zag around obstacles.There are monsters in the form of Krakens that make you crash, while there are several ways to get speed boosts. Therefore,the goal remains the same go as far as you can before running out of health and stay one step ahead of the Kraken.To keep you entertained, there are a few different game modes such as an objective-based time trial. Moreover, you can also use your mouse, keyboard, touch or even a gamepad to play this game. You can still access the game even if you’re online by typing in edge://surf

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