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Benefits of Switching To Linux

Why Linux? Linux is an operating system used in everything from phones to cars and complex supercomputers, yet you can also use it to power your personal computer.
The desktop may not be the space where you are most likely to encounter Linux, but its more than worth your consideration. 

The Best Reasons to Switch To Linux Permanently especially in 2022 are: 

Linux is completely free to use unlike Microsoft windows or MacOS. You don't need to purchase any kind of licenses to use it for personal or commercial use. 

Linux is Open Source 

 Unlike windows or MacOS, Linux relies on the concept of open source software. So you can easily review the source code of your operating system to see how it works or how it handles your data.

Gaming on Linux

In the past, one of the major constraints while switching to Linux was gaming. While Linux has some native games, thanks to steam play, now you can play 'windows only' games on Linux. You may not be able to play "every" windows game on Linux yet.

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