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8 Html Tags You Should Know

These are tag that can be pretty useful but not very well known.⁣
1. <ADDRESS> - This tag is used to define the contact information.
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2. <ABBR> - This tag is used to define an abbreviation or an acronym.
3. <OPTGROUP> - This tag is used to group related options in a drop down list.

4. <DATALIST> - This tag specifies a list of pre defined options for an input element.

5. <WBR> - This tag specifies where in a text it would be ok to add line-break when resized.


6. <TIME> - This tag defines a human readable date/time.This tag can help search engines produce smarter search results.

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7. <TEMPLATE> - This tag keeps the content hidden from the client,the content can be made visible and rendered later by using javascript and rendered multiple times

8. <SUP> - This tag defines superscript text.Sucperscript text appears half a character above the normal line

This text contains superscripttext,

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