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Monitoring Cheatsheet

A nice cheat sheet of different monitoring infrastructure in cloud services.

This cheat sheet offers a concise yet comprehensive comparison of key monitoring elements across the three major cloud providers and open-source / 3rd party tools.

Monitoring Cheatsheet

Let's delve into the essential monitoring aspects covered:

- Data Collection: Gather information from diverse sources to enhance decision-making.

- Data Storage: Safely store and manage data for future analysis and reference.

- Data Analysis: Extract valuable insights from data to drive informed actions.

- Alerting: Receive real-time notifications about critical events or anomalies.

- Visualization: Present data in a visually comprehensible format for better understanding.

- Reporting and Compliance: Generate reports and ensure adherence to regulatory standards.

- Automation: Streamline processes and tasks through automated workflows.

- Integration: Seamlessly connect and exchange data between different systems or tools.

- Feedback Loops: Continuously refine strategies based on feedback and performance analysis.
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