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Learn Docker: A Comprehensive Guide


🔧 1. Installation
   - Explore how to install Docker on your machine.

📚 2. Docker Concepts
   - Gain insights into essential Docker concepts like containers, images, and registries.

💻 3. Basic Commands
   - Learn fundamental Docker commands to manage containers and images.

📄 4. Dockerfile
   - Understand Dockerfile and how to create specifications for building Docker images.

🚀 5. Building Custom Images
   - Dive into the process of building custom Docker images for your applications.

🔄 6. Docker Compose
   - Discover Docker Compose to define and manage multi-container applications.

💽 7. Volumes
   - Explore Docker volumes for managing data persistence across containers.

🌐 8. Networking
   - Learn about Docker networking to facilitate communication between containers.

🔗 9. Docker Hub
   - Explore Docker Hub for sharing and discovering containerized applications.

🔄 10. Docker Swarm and Kubernetes
   - Get an overview of container orchestration with Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

📖 11. Documentation and Community
   - Understand the importance of Docker documentation and being part of the vibrant community.

🎓 Happy Learning! 😎
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