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Types of Databases every Data Scientist Must Know

Types of databases

🔲 Relational Databases like MySQL & PostgreSQL - the traditional structured storerooms.

🗃️ NoSQL Databases (e.g., MongoDB, Redis) - when flexibility & scalability are the game's names.

🕸️ Graph Databases such as Neo4j - mapping relationships intricately as a spider weaves its web.

🔀 Distributed Databases (Apache Cassandra, Amazon DynamoDB) - spanning across multiple nodes for high availability.

🧠 In-Memory Databases like Redis - lightning-fast data access at the tip of your neurons.

🌍 Spatial Databases (PostGIS) - for when location matters as much as the data itself.

⏱️ Time-Series Databases (InfluxDB) - capturing every moment in a data-ticking timeline.

🔗 Blockchain Databases (BigchainDB) - chaining blocks of data with security and transparency.

🏛️ Object-Oriented Databases (db4o, ObjectDB) - when objects in programming find their storage mates.

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