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Top 3 tools for .NET developers


Regulator is simply an awesome tool that enables .NET programmers to build and test regular expressions. In .NET regular expressions are used to define patterns in strings on the basis of their character, frequency, and the order of character.We can use them to detect the validity of the user input or finding string of characters within a larger string.

Regular also comes handy when it comes to entering regular expressions and input against which you are already running an expression. This is a nice way to test the actual behavior of the regular expression along with the matches it returns before finally implementing the same in your project.

In its bare bones, CodeSmith is a code-generation tool that makes use of similar syntax used by ASP.NET to create any type of code or text. Using CodeSmith, you don't need to go through any kind of subscription for the design of any application. It's a very helpful to generate any kind of application- small, medium, or large. CodeSmith also gives you a peace of mind as it frees you from repeting a number of tasks, such as writing data access, producing custom collections, and so on. CodeSmith is mainly used to create and write a number of templates automatically, so that your productivity can be improved

3.Snippet Controller
Snippet Controller is all about development speed and efficiency. Using this tool, developers can easily write, compile, and run code. It's a very handy tool for anyone who plays around small pieces of code as it saves you from creating an entire Visual Studio .NET project.

Snippet Controller is an incredible tool for those who try to create small examples for someone as they don't need to create an entire project from the scratch, compile numerous components, and then run the code and send the code snippet. For Snippet Compiler, this process is simply a breeze.

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