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Vorlon.JS - Introduction

Microsoft released Vorlon.js as an OpenSource.It aims to help developers remotely test and debug JavaScript code.


what is Vorlon.JS?
Vorlon.JS is a remote debugging and testing tool for JavaScript. It helps you remotely load inspect, test and debug JavaScript code running on any device with a web browser: whether it's a games console, mobile device or fridge.

Vorlon.JS itself is a small web server you can run from your local machine, or install on a server for your team to access, that serves the Vorlon.JS dashboard and communicates with your remote devices. Installing the Vorlon.JS client in your web site or application is as easy as adding a single script tag.

Vorlon.JS can be extended with plugins which may add features to both the client and the dashboard, for example: feature detection, logging, and exception tracking.

How to Install Vorlon.JS server?
Vorlon.js is platform agnostic and powered by Node.js and Socket.IO.

- Make sure you have installed nodejs.
- Install vorlon by passing command using CLI or powershell of your terminal:

To get started using Vorlon.JS you will need to install it from npm:

$ npm i -g vorlon

Once Vorlon.JS is done installing, you can now run the server:
$ vorlon
The Vorlon server is running

With the server running, open http://localhost:1337 in your browser to see the Vorlon.JS dashboard.

For more information: http://www.vorlonjs.com/documentation/

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