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HTML6 - Introduction

What is HTML6?
HTML6 is conceptually HTML with XML like namespaces. If you don't know XML, or don't know what XML namespaces are they're basically a way to allow you to use the same tag without it conflicting with a different tag. You've probably actually seen one before in the XHTML DOCTYPE: xmlns:xhtml="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"

In HTML6 we take advantage of this ingenious concept by giving us freedom to use whatever tag we want by the W3C reserving namespaces and not tags. The W3C would basically reserve the right to all namespaces, and each namespace they reserve will trigger a different HTML API.


HTML6 is considered as a revised version of HTML which involves namespaces along with XML structure. The vital function of namespaces is to provide the developers with the use of tags like <logo></logo><toolbar></toolbar>for allocating a logo on the web page. The developer can just use <container> than <div id= ‘container’>and here is where HTML6 is found. HTML6 will include 2 types of tags: single tags which hold the attributes, but no text contents; and double tags that may or may not contain text content.

We’ve mentioned here a list of tag attributes that are comprised in HTML6 that will have namespace html, such as
<html: html>, <html: head>, <html: title>, <html: meta>, <html: link>, <html: a>, <html: media>, <html: body>, and <html: button>

Features of HTML6:

Pluggable Languages: HTML6 is arriving with more vigorous, pluggable languages that would include more elasticity and design selections for the web developers. This could be implemented by all the browsers when there’s a firm open source execution.

Pluggable Preprocessors: Web developers can now utilize pluggable preprocessors for the translation of ‘languages’, for instance, CoffeeScript into JavaScript. CoffeeScript is quite similar to JavaScript; it is considered more an alt-syntax than a distinct language.

Guaranteed Libraries: The JavaScript programming has been transfigured by jQuery, among standard libraries. If a major number of web designers endorse a definite library, it could be dispersed with the browsers, and the new standardized HTML6 should do great. More time will be saved thus restoring cached version of jQuery 1.9 additionally.

Browser-sizing of Imagery: The pixel size of a photo ranges from desktop to laptop to mobile. An enhanced HTML6 procedure could recommend an aspired height or width for a particular image, and server could contribute the most favorable resolution.

Guarded Accessing to Contact Information: As the HTML6 makes an entry, the interfaces could propose a smooth control in order to permit the users to provide automatic access towards the code appearing from few domains, but not from other domains.

Stronger Micro-formats: The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) has been hugely discovering stronger micro-formats for marking small pieces of data. The developers can also utilize more wide-ranging markups for times, dates, locations, bibliographies, items of sale, and all varieties of standard data.

Better Annotation: A standard frameworks can include annotations attached to the sentences, words, or paragraphs. A stylish version HTML6 might also permit annotations to the images or the moments captured inside the videos. Few benefits are accessible in regulating the API in order that browsers and sites serve the essential annotations in the same method.

More Control Over Video Object: HTML6 may offer more control over how video structures are spread on the web pages. This version packs a rectangle along with a series of frameworks from a video, and then provides the developer more control over a text path with subtitles, annotations, etc.

Hardened Authentication: With the access of HTML6, the browser may offer much in the approach of hardened and fast authentication, given how tough it is to develop trusted hardware. In place of cookies, the browser could propose signing tokens along with entrenched keys.

Camera Incorporation: With the help of HTML6, the web camera on the cell phone is discovering a superb way to insert a photo capture or video capture to varieties. The device could provide improved management of the camera and also the capture rate.

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