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Facebook Instant Articles

Instant Articles powered by Facebook is a mobile publishing tool that allows publishers to load their articles ten times faster than a normal web page. Instant articles use Facebook App and customize web templates to maximize the load time.


Advantage of Using Facebook Instant Articles:
=> The best thing, you can use Instant articles by Facebook for FREE.

=> Most of the people abundant a website if it takes a while to load, Facebook instant articles will improve your traffic as it takes almost micro seconds to load your content.

=> It increases the load time dramatically.

=> Monetizing your content is another big reason to choose Facebook Instant articles.

=> Because of better user experience, it is more likely that users will share your content meaning greater social signals.

Disadvantage of Using Facebook Instant Articles:
=> Facebook might restrict the number images and videos on your instant articles. It is done to increase the load time of your content.

=> The sidebar of your website will not appear on your instant article. It means any widgets, advertisements or information in your sidebar will not reach the audience.

=> If you are using a widget within your article, then it will no longer appear on your instant article.

=> If you are using any third-party advertisements services like Facebook,Infolinks or BuySellAds, then you may witness a drop in your revenue because Facebook limits the number of ads delivered through instant articles.

For more information: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/instant-articles

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