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Linux Shortcut Keys


TabAuto-complete the command.
Up/Down ArrowShow preivous/next command history.
Ctrl+Alt+DelRestart the System.
Ctrl+CKill the Current process.
Ctrl+Alt+F7+F12Switch to GUI Mode.
Ctrl+Alt+(+)/(-)Increase/Decrease the screen resolution(GUI).
Ctrl+Alt+F1+F6Switch among the text terminals.
Ctrl+Alt+LLock the desktop(GUI).
Ctrl+Shift+TabGo to the previous virtual desktop(GUI).
Ctrl+ZSend the current process to the background.
Ctrl+DLog off from Current terminal.
Ctrl+TabGo to the next virtual desktop(GUI).
Ctrl+SStop the transfer procees to the terminal.
Shift+Page up/downGo to top/bottom of the terminal.
Ctrl+QResume the transfer procees.

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