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Add Custom ads.txt File in Blogger(Blogspot.com)

Already i have posted about What is Ads.txt?.Now let me explain how to create ads.txt file in blogger.

STEP 1: Go to Blogger dashboard

STEP 2: On left-handed menu; choose "Settings"

STEP 3: Click "Search preferences"

STEP 4: You will see new option at the bottom side of right pane "Monetization"

STEP 5: You will see "Custom ads.txt" option to edit.

Add _Custom_ ads.txt_ File_ in_Blogger

STEP 6: Add the settings provided by all your 3rd party Ad networks and "Save" settings.

STEP 7: You then able to check the Ads.txt file by going to the URL like "http://www.w3technology.info/ads.txt"

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