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What is Ads(Authorized Digital Sellers).txt

What is Ads.txt?
The Ads.txt developed through the IAB Tech Lab project,ads.txt(Authorized Digital Sellers), is a tool created for publishers to allow for a public declaration of the companies approved to sell their digital inventory.


How does work?
Publishers put a file on their server that says exactly which companies they sell their inventory through.The file lists partners by name, but also includes the publisher’s account ID.This is the same ID buyers see in a bid request, which they can use as a key for campaign targeting.

Buyers use a web crawler to download all the ads.txt files and the information contained within on a regular basis and use it to target their campaigns.This means buyers know that if they bid on request that comes from an authorized ID, it’s coming from a source the publisher trusts or has control over.

You can learn more about ads.txt,how buyers will use it,and how to implement it on your sites here.

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