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Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

Social Media - Do's
Be Engaging:
Make sure your posts are a call to action for brand engagement.The most successful posts are questions,or convey a sense of wonder and appreciation. Remember to treat your audience with respect.Try to respond to questions and comments in a timely fashion.Create contests,surveys,and simple to top 10 lists of starters.

Schedule Posts:
Posting on schedule is a professional method that also makes it easier to manage all of your accounts.You should never be posting at random hours in the middle of the night.Studies show that Facebook,for example spikes in activity around 3 PM.Make sure that you have a pretty solid routine.Research some social media statistics to get more traffic.

Use Links & Hashtags:
Use every tool they give you to make better post.Images get more screen space,links can provide interesting content,and hashtags can help user find you faster and establish your brand.Make promotional images,create outside blog posts to link to,and utilize unique and specific hashtags for your brand to help build your place online.

Be Mindful:
Social media as a tool for business should always be positive and entertaining at the least.Try to give back to the social media community.People enjoy being acknowledged so always give people credit whenever you can.Respect your audience,keep it clean, and remember that even if people don't directly interact,they still may have seen your post.

Recycle Content:
Take the time to read other people's content.Share it,retweet,favorite,like etc.You have to interact.Sharing content displays the fact that your brand has personal interests,making it more relatable and personable.You want to appear more human and less mechanical.Also this tactic helps acquire more followers in an organic way.

 Do’s_and_ Don’ts_of_Social_Media

Social Media - Don'ts

Recycling content is not the same as stealing content and rebranding it as your own creation.Sooner or later your'e going to get caught.Content is king and your energy should be focused on creating personal quality content as opposed to using other people's content for attention.

Cross the line:
For businesses and brands,social media can be a lot like politics.Similar rules apply.Don't talk about religion,politics,sex,or substances.These are only acceptable if it suits your niche,or follows the ethos of your brand identity.Avoid liking,sharing and following other questionable content as well to avoid guilt by association.

There is a fine line between too much,too little,too social,or too media.The main attribute of all successful social media channels is consistency. You must deliver content at am even rate,without overdoing it or being absent.You have to build a consistent reputation as a face or personality people expect / look forward to seeing when they log on.

Be Boring:

Everybody's feed has people who love to complain,confess,and populate the stream with boring information.From checking in constantly,hashtag stuffing,a sandwich they ate,depressing news,to complete offensive bias,it's important to vaiod being TOO social and top open to the public.Follow the golden rules and avoid too much info.

Don't post all day,with nothing to say.Nobody cares that much about you,even if they're your biggest fan.Businesses often approach social media with only the MEDIA part in mind.Avoid treating your platform like a commercial,limit hash tagging and advertising,otherwise nobody will pay attention to more signficant

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