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Top 5 WhatsApp Alternatives in 2021

WhatsApp recently updated its privacy policy regarding data-sharing, and if users don't agree to it they'll lose access to the app. I have listed a few WhatsApp alternatives that you can consider. Let's take a look:
Top 5 WhatsApp Alternatives in 2021
1.Signal is a cross-platform encrypted messaging service developed by the Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger. It uses the Internet to send one-to-one and group messages, which can include files, voice notes, images and videos. Download Signal on Android | iOS 
2.Telegram is a freeware, cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging, video calling, and VoIP service. Download Telegram on Android | iOS 

  3.Wire allows your team to communicate and share information easily and securely - messages, files, conference calls or private conversations - always in context. Wire is also available as an on-demand solution for crisis collaboration. Wire offers a free version for external business partners or friends and family use. Download Wire on Android | iOS 

  4.Line is a freeware app for instant communications on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, and personal computers. Line users exchange texts, images, video and audio, and conduct free VoIP conversations and video conference. Download Line on Android | iOS 

  5.Threema is a free and open-source end-to-end encrypted instant messaging application for iOS and Android. The software is based on the privacy by design principles as it does not require a phone number or any other personally identifiable information. Download Threema on Android | iOS

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