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ChatGPT - Introduction

What is ChatGPT ?

ChatGPT is a large language model that has been trained on a massive amount of text data,allowing it to generate human-like responses to a wide range of inputs. 

ChatGPT  - Introduction

How it works?

It uses a technique called "transformer" to process the input text and generate its output, which means that it is able to handle long-form text and complex tasks with ease.

ChatGPT Features


ChatGPT  can assist you writing documentation for your code. You can provide it with the details of your code and it will generate clear and concise documentation for you.

Generate your coding skeleton 

ChatGPT is my secret weapon when it comes to building new projects from scratch. With just a few prompts, it can generate a skeleton of the code I need, *complete with my chosen technologies, frameworks, and versions. Not only does it save me at least an hour or so of work each time, but it also helps to keep my documentation or team's one organized and up to date. It's like having an extra set of hands on the team!

Research & Compare

Making decisions on how to implement something can be tough, especially when there are multiple options to choose from. My go-to method is to create 'a basic proof of concept for each approach and then compare them. But, with the help of ChatGPT, this process just got a lot easier.

I can now directly ask it for its expert opinion on which option or library is best for my code development. This saves me time and effort in the decision making process and ensures that I am using the best tools for the job.

Understanding Code

We've all been there, struggling to understand a codebase that wasn't created by us. Navigating through a complex and poorly-organized code also *known as spaghetti code can be a frustrating and time-
consuming task.

But, with ChatGPT, understanding a new codebase just got a lot easier. I can now simply ask it to explain the functionality of the code and understand it in no time. No more wasting valuable time and effort trying to decipher poorly-written code.

Adding Comments To Our code

ChatGPT can also help us to improve the quality and maintainability of our own code. By asking it
to add comments line by line, we can ensure that our *code is properly documented before shipping. This eliminates the need for uncommented code and makes it easier for others to understand and work with our code.

ChatGPT can significantly improve readability, maintainability and collaboration with others.
Let's imagine the previous code had no comments at all. We can just ask ChaGPT to add comments directly to it.

Rewriting our code using some style

ChatGPT is not only a valuable tool for understanding unfamiliar code, but it can also help us to ensure our own code follows industry 'standards and conventions.

By asking it to correct our code to conform with the Pep-8 convention or even create a custom convention for our coding style we can avoid the need for costly and time- consuming refactoring when merging code from different repos or teams. This helps to streamline the collaboration process and make it more efficient.

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